Circus Stowaways

I did the balancing act

Whilst you stood below

A net made of embraces and morning kisses

I was too scared to look down

For the longest of times

Trying to keep it up

Ignoring the tainted vertigo

That like hemlock

Spread throughout

Paralysing my body.

But you ensured that I stayed dazzling

So that when I felt myself falling

I was instead just cartwheeling

Proving the impossible

On that thin wire

That like puppeteer strings

Ensured the final snipping

By those three desolate Fates.

And when I did fall

I did it with grace

Tumbling, feet pointed

A smile still painted on my face

We were circus stowaways

Secretive and perfect in our audacity

As I landed safely in your arms…

… We bowed as they gave their applause.



Painting; High Wire Acrobat by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec


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