Skin & Bone



A jigsaw of genes


We take it all in our strife.


Human beings

Imaginary and as alien

As the moons and the worlds above.

Skin and bone

Bound by gravity

Prisoners of this world

Take my money

Take my will.


Freedom is a false finders game

A concept we all claim

Governments, parties

Mere pawns

In  someone else’s bigger picture frame.


We live in the past

But never learn from past mistakes

Another dictator

Another deprived nation

It never changes

We’re never in the present

Instead we focus

On the future

And the imprints that will last.

A cynic I am, I know,

But morals? Ethics?

Who really knows,

Who the hell is actually running this show?!

Pull the strings, mimic the voice,

At the end of the day

We’re nothing more

Than skin and bone.




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