After Thoughts

Falling for so long

Past the sunrise

Into dark

Ignoring every sign we pass

Missing every mark

On the dartboard–

And therefore every chance.


And if we’d only lifted up our heads

Brushed away the tears

Shrugged off the dread

Found ourselves in the swarm of bees

Raised our voices above the din

Then maybe these smiles would be genuine.


And we all know the story

The fable since time  begun.

That we’re not everlasting

But this youth has me feeling young

In these moments with these eyes

This mouth speaking the words you despise.


“I will never change,”

Like the sun in the sky and the moons

That revolve around it

This power is mine to take

And I demand it.


If we’d only turned the key

Stepped into the unknown

Forced ourselves out of the shell

That we retreated inside of

Then maybe we would see

The glow of the halo’s that were always there

Just hidden away, out of sight,


Maybe then you wouldn’t think about it any more

But you were a little too late,

Hopefully a lesson learnt,

Never treat me as a mere after thought.




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